Sorry it has taken us a while to get back to you, but we certainly haven‘t forgotten about all your help and how great our trip was thanks in large part to your efforts.
While I know that the testimonials sometimes and up on the web-site, I’d really rather have you personally know that you, and all the rest of the staff at Phillip McCallen made sure our two weeks in Ireland were absolutely spectacular.

Hard to know where to start, we weren’t sure about lots of things, and the first inquisitive e-mail, answered in such comprehensive, reassuring and encouraging detail, immediately put us both at ease, and sold us on the decision to rent from you guys and tour Ireland.
Every single interaction that followed, between us and yourself and every other member of the staff was just as pleasant and professional. From the directions on how to best catch the train from Dublin to Lisburn, to then being picked up at the station by Phillip McCallen himself, to the fellow who was patient enough to go through who knows how many helmets to find one that would fit my XXXL head, and then simply handing me a brand new lid out of the box when it did, it’s hard to say enough about the level of service, or to recommend it highly enough to our friends.

Indeed starting our trip by handing us detailed, laminated and simply laid-out ride options, and providing lots of little tips on places to stay, things to see, all done with genuine enthusiasm and interest in our having the best experience possible, and ending it by allowing us to return the bike on a Sunday, when the shop is normally closed, and meeting us there to do so, was a wonderful way to ensure a happy customer, and one who will undoubtedly return.In fact, we’ve been so enthusiastic about our praise of your dealership, our trip, and Ireland in general, that I think we just about have a couple of friends convinced to come back and do it with us again. Also, and I think this is the single biggest recommendation I can offer, we are planning on doing a tour, possibly on two bikes next time, of England and Scotland, in 2014. We have already decided that we will not even try to look anywhere else to rent, we’d rather have an excuse to come back and rent from Phillip McCallen Motorcycles again, and that a ferry ride across and back is more than worth the level of service and peace of mind in return. Knowing that you were a phone call away for anything that might have happened, made a world of difference.

All the best,
Jon and Jenna Dixon.
Hire Bike – Triumph Bonneville