What to see and do

Ireland, both North and South can best truly be experienced to it’s full glory and majesty if on a motorcycle. The island, as a whole can be ridden from it’s most northern point to it’s most southern point in five hours but this goes nowhere near experiencing Ireland at it’s best. A marvellous country with superb scenic roads and some of the most friendly and genuine people you will ever meet.

The thing to remember is that you should take your time and see and “experience Ireland”. Too often some visitors have tried to cram in ticking of points they covered and forget that “it’s not where you are going to, it’s the journey itself”. We are a small gregarious nation of playwrights, poets, artists, storytellers and characters and we love to share life with friends, guests and visitors both new and old. Folklore has it that the island of Ireland has been graced with Goblins, Fairies, Gnomes, Little People, Saints and Giants. I am not sure how many you will come across on your travels but I can assure you that you will leave the island filled with a sense of fulfilment, happiness and contentment long forgotten. We are blessed with a country with as eclectic a mix as you will find anywhere in the world. At no stage are you more than an hour away from either a city, mountains or coastal roads (we are blessed and spoiled in equal measure).

From affordable Youth Hostels, camp sites, rural family run B&Bs to superb Guest Houses and terrific Hotels, all travellers needs are well covered. This wealth and diversity extends where food is concerned from superb local produce prepared in a homely fashion in local pubs and cafes to an embarrassing wealth of Michelin star restaurants.
You should remember that every time you stop and ask for directions, go to a local pub for lunch, or visit one of our attractions you will meet warm friendly, genuinely interested and interesting people and make new friends, it takes a little time but it’s great. In brief, I suggest that you should consider 100 to 150 miles per day travelling as adequate time in the saddle and allow yourself time to savour all of the delights and experiences that this little country of ours has to offer.

We look forward to meeting you and in the mean time we wish you the best.